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Marzo 31, 2015
Identifying Your Silent Chain
When replacing an existing silent chain, it is very important to correctly identify the chain that you have. If the part number and manufacturer are not known, Ramsey customer service can help you.

Answer as many as possible - the more information you provide customer service, the easier it will be to identify a correct replacement. If additional information is required customer service may also request a small sample of the chain in order to verify its identity. Contact us at 704-394-0322 or Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spam bots. Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla .
Product Training Workshop Held at Ramsey Products
Company Representatives for Ramsey Products were welcomed to the Ramsey manufacturing plant for in-depth product training.


During the 1-1/2 day workshop held in late 2014, the reps learned about new products, new applications and new tools for the market. Many of the participating representatives had not previously visited the plant, so they were able to see first-hand the production line and the people they work with. New reps were given a comprehensive overview of Ramsey products; and older reps were able to learn about all that's new at Ramsey.
How-To Video:
Measuring Your
Silent Chain
Learn what is meant by 'pitch,' or 'link flank angle,' or 'width over links.'
Knowing how to find these measurements can make identifying and ordering industrial silent chain quicker and much easier.


Meet Our Reps:
Roy Richardson
Ri-Co Sales Inc.
Q: When did you start working with Ramsey?
A: I've been working with
Ramsey since July 1, 1967.

Q: What are your most common applications for Ramsey chain?
A: Paper mills, roofing - shingle/roll roofing manufacturing, and some glass processing in Chattanooga. We sell to OEMs and distributors.
Q: Why do you choose Ramsey still today?
A: I like everything about Ramsey. I've been with them since '67. I like everything they do. I wish I had 10 lines like Ramsey Products.
Q: Can you think of any
memorable stories about Ramsey products, people, or applications?
A: There was a paper mill that was having a problem with a chain product. Bob Finchum, a Ramsey engineer heard about it on Thursday and called me...

Marzo 16, 2015
PT Header

Are you satisfied with the life of your industrial chain?


Do you spend too much time maintaining or replacing your chain?


Would you like a no cost review of your drive requirements and recommendations for improving performance and life of your current drive?


For more than 90 years, Ramsey has specialized in silent chain drives. We are committed to providing our customers with the world's widest range of top quality silent chain products.


We would like to invite you to visit our booth at Hannover Messe 2015 next month.
We will be featuring Ramsey's efficient, quiet, two-pin roller bearing joint, silent chains; technology which has been shown to outperform conventional, round pin joints. These chains can be found in a wide variety of demanding industrial applications.


Hannover Messe 2015
April 13-17, 2015
Hall 25, Booth C17



Febrero 18, 2015
FX Ext Pitch

Ramsey's Newest
Video in our "How To" Series:
Washer Video 2
How to Connect/Disconnect Silent Chain with a Washer Connection.
A frequently asked question for the Ramsey Customer Service team concerns how to perform a field connection of our silent chain.  In order to provide the best instructions, we decided to put together a brief video to illustrate the basics of connecting and disconnecting Ramsey Silent Chain.
Ramsey Silent Chain Opens the Doors to the Universe.
Ramsey Silent Chain Case Study:
Mount Wilson Observatory, located on Mount Wilson in California, is the site of some of the last century's ground-breaking astronomical discoveries. Each year, thousands of people from around the world come to visit the Observatory and to view the stars through the famed Hale telescope and the Hooker telescope. Not long ago, an engineer at the Mount Wilson Observatory contacted Ramsey for assistance in replacing the silent chain drives that open and close the dome shutters on their 100 inch telescope.


Ramsey Products'
Latest Innovation
Extended Pitch Wear Protected Chains
We have our customers to thank for encouraging us to develop Lifeguard™ and Allguard FX Extended Pitch conveying chains. Offering all the advantages of our standard chains, but with fewer moving parts and reduced overall weight, Extended Pitch chains can prolong chain life and promote smooth product transfer. Chains are available in sizes and builds to fit nearly every application.

Enero 12, 2015
Ext Pitch Lifeguard Header
Ramsey's Lifeguard® Conveying Chain - Protection So Unique, It's Been Granted Three United States Patents.
Ramsey Products was recently granted two United States patents (US 8,322,522 B2, US 8,356,709, US 2013/0087436 A1) for Lifeguard wear protected chains.


Unlike any chain available today, Lifeguard conveying chains utilize unique interlocking side links that not only guard against pin head wear, but also greatly reduce the size of gaps between adjacent side plates. With much smaller gaps between the side plates, smooth product transfer on and off the conveying surface is assured and the potential for snagging on lateral guides is reduced. These features translate directly to fewer ware handling problems, extended chain life, and improved productivity. Lifeguard® is available in 1/2" pitch, as well as 1" pitch extended pitch.
Ramsey's Newest
Video in our "How To" Series:
Washer Video 2
How to Connect/Disconnect Silent Chain with a Single Pin Joint.
A frequently asked question for the Ramsey Customer Service team concerns how to perform a field connection of our silent chain.  In order to provide the best instructions, we decided to put together a brief video to illustrate the basics of connecting and disconnecting Ramsey Silent Chain.
Ramsey Powers High Volume Water Pump that Floats
Floating Pump
Ramsey Silent Chain Case Study:
An innovative company in South America designs and builds high volume floating water pumps.Their pumps are compact, portable, self-contained units that can be quickly and easily set up to relocate water from one area to another. The pumps, designed for long term, continuous operation and capable of handling very large flows, required a drive system that could keep up and hold up. Company engineers chose a Ramsey Chain drive system because of its high performance power transmission chains and sprockets.
Ramsey Chain Celebrates 90 Years


In recognition of this milestone, and in appreciation of our many dedicated employees, we offer this glimpse into our company.
Raymond Karns. 42 Years With Ramsey And Still Going Strong,
Even Though He Retired Eight Years Ago.
Raymond Karns loves to fish. So in 2005, when he retired from Ramsey and went part-time, he did a lot of fishing. But after seven years, Raymond decided he'd fished enough. He "got bored, and missed his friends. And there was a lot of work to do at Ramsey." So Raymond came back to work full-time in March of 2012, at the age of 72.





Enero 6, 2015
PT Header
Ramsey Silent Chain for Power Transmission
We have been asked to develop a brief overview of our Power Transmission Silent Chains, including a list of industries and equipment that use silent chain. So we developed a one-page flyer that covers the highlights. 

Where to Find Silent Chain for Power Transmission
* Agitators
* Bakery Dough Mixers
* Compressors
* Conveyors
Automotive Parts 
Glass Production
* Cranes & Hoists
* Dredges
* Energy Technology: 
Coal Crushers 
Pipe Spinners 
* Extruders
* Industrial Fans &
* Laundry Machinery
* Machine Tools
* Concrete and 
Semi-Liquid Mixers
* Paper Mill Machinery 
Yankee Dryers
* Printing Machinery
* Pumps - Centrifugal,  
Reciprocating, Rotary, 
* Textile Machinery
* Vehicle Mounted Equipment:
Snow Blowers
* Vehicle:
Power Take Off Units 
Auxiliary Drives


RPV Drives Camera Car in Hollywood Movie Productions
Ramsey Silent Chain Case Study:
Gone are the days when Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck appear to drive their movie-set car down the road while fake wind blows through their hair and unrealistic pictures of scenery are projected behind them. In today's car scenes the actors are actually racing down the highway in a real vehicle. Traveling alongside them is a vast array of equipment and cameras, filming the action from every imaginable angle. And all of this equipment must never be seen or heard in the final film footage.
So, when a California-based company specializing in the construction of high performance camera cars needed to design a quiet and smooth running electric vehicle for transporting sensitive camera equipment, they chose Ramsey RPV silent chain and sprockets. The result was an extremely smooth and quiet running vehicle that is undetectable in the final films.


Getting To Know
The Ramsey Family


In recognition of 90 years,
we offer a glimpse into our company.
Gin Johnson. 25 Years With Ramsey And Nothing Can Keep Her Down.
"Without my Ramsey family, I would not have made it through the past 10 years," states Gin Johnson. Gin has had a very difficult decade, but you would never know it by the way she conducts herself. She always has a smile on her face and a friendly word for everyone.
Gin started working at Ramsey in 1994. Less than a year later a severe head concussion, caused by an accidental collision with the back of her 18 month old grandson's head (the grandson was not injured), made it impossible for Gin to continue working...

Diciembre 11, 2014
We are changing for you.
Here at Ramsey, something new is always on the horizon. And we want everyone to know about it. From new chain designs, like our patented Lifeguard® wear protected chains, to tools that make your job easier, like our new patent pending, Ramsey Knock Out (RKO) tool for connecting and disconnecting chain. Keep visiting our informative, award-winning website for the latest innovations from Ramsey.
Three ways to improve bottle conveying
Higher transport speeds, less downtime, decreased maintenance, and reduced breakage are key factors in improving bottle production.
Fifty years ago, when Ramsey Products began supplying chain to glass manufacturers, silent chain was just beginning to be used as a conveyor. At the time, transport speeds were relatively slow, precise bottle placement was less important, and conveyor wear was not a major concern. However, through the years, as production speeds steadily increased, a number of new problems were encountered.


Among the first problems were inconsistent bottle location on the conveyor and reduced chain life. These problems were mostly due to chain pitch variation and chain elongation. As a conveyor chain runs, steel is gradually worn away from the link holes and the chain pins. This wear causes the chain to get longer, an outcome commonly referred to as 'stretch'. As the chain gets longer, its velocity steadily increases. The increased velocity causes bottle spacing to vary, leads to product mishandling and eventually requires the conveyor chain to be replaced.
Ramsey's role in the 
silent chain industry
Through the years, Ramsey has been actively involved in the development of industrial chain standards and in the advancement of the silent chain industry. Through membership and support of organizations like ASME and PTDA, as well as contributions to college engineering programs, Ramsey has made an ongoing commitment to improving the general awareness and utilization of silent chain technology.


Although silent chain has been available for more than 100 years and is widely used in automotive applications around the world, many engineers and distributors are unfamiliar with the many different industrial uses of silent chain. One factor contributing to this lack of familiarity is the lack of training on practical chain applications, specifically silent chain applications, in the curricula of most engineering schools. Engineers graduating today often receive little or no
exposure to the use of chain drives.
Replacing chains from other manufacturers
Ramsey provides chains and sprockets that will replace or interchange with products from most manufacturers.
A successful interchange is easy; the key is correctly identifying the manufacturer and the size of the original drive components and then choosing the appropriate Ramsey chain and sprockets to replace them. 
For routine component replacements, in applications where performance has been satisfactory,








21 al 24 OCTOBER 2014

LifeGuard: es la Tecnología mas nueva en cadena silenciosa de RAMSEY
Ramsey ha anunciado su mas reciente desarrollo en tecnología de cadenas silenciosa para el transporte - Cadena LifeGuard™ La cual se caracteriza por unos eslabones especializados interconectados para prevenir el desgaste de las cabezas de los pernos, también reducen el espacio entre la cadena y las paredes laterales y minimizan los atorones y movimientos laterales.

Octubre 2010

ONTAL tiene el gusto de anunciar que a partir de esta fecha estaremos trabajando con la compañía Italiana FERMAC que produce maquinas impresoras serigráficas automáticas y semi-automaticas de control numérico CNC para decorar hasta con 10 colores en botellas y vasos de diferentes formas.
Octubre 2010

ONTAL tiene el gusto de anunciar que a partir de esta fecha estaremos trabajando con la compañía Alemana LWN Lufttechnik GmbH líder en el mercado de Sistemas de Enfriamiento de Hornos de Vidrio para Contenedores y Vidrio Plano así como Sistemas de Enfriamiento para Maquinas IS 

Enero 1, 2010

ONTAL tiene gusto de anunciar que a partir de esta fecha estaremos trabajando con la compañía Italiana TURMOND, especialistas en la fabricación de cuchillas de Carburo de Tungsteno. Quienes han desarrollado una serie de cuchillas para la industria del vidrio.

Estas cuchillas ya están en operación en Europa en muchas compañías con excelentes resultados, Ardagh, Saint Gobain (Italia. Alemania, Francia y Estados Unidos), Beatson Clark , Wiegand Glass, Heinz Glass, Saverglass, Owens Illinois, Sisecam, Bormioli, Zignago Vetro, Vetreria Etrusca y muchas más.


Enero 6, 2010

Quantum Engineered products ha completado exitosamente la instalación y arranque del primer TFA™ en Hindusthan National Glass en India. El equipo se instaló en una maquina IS DG con Mecanismo Alimentador Bottero controlando el peso de la gota logrando mantener el peso a +/- 0.2 gramos produciendo una botella medicinal de 500mL.

Durante la GLASSPEX que llevó a cabo en India el mes de Noviembre los interesados en conocer este equipo visitaron la planta de HNG. Además de este equipo Quantum esta terminado de fabricar 5 equipos mas para SAGCO en Jeddah par usarse en maquinas PSBA y Soplo-Soplo que será instalado en las maquinas por Emhart en Suecia.

Enero 1, 2010

ONTAL ha iniciado exitosamente la fabricación y comercialización de los centros de mesas giratorios o "Lazy Susans" en Vidrio de 6 y 9 mm en diferente medidas. Hasta este momento las ventas se han realizado solo en el área metropolitana de Monterrey  con planes de abrir el mercado a el resto de la República Mexicana.


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