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Diciembre 11, 2014
We are changing for you.
Here at Ramsey, something new is always on the horizon. And we want everyone to know about it. From new chain designs, like our patented Lifeguard® wear protected chains, to tools that make your job easier, like our new patent pending, Ramsey Knock Out (RKO) tool for connecting and disconnecting chain. Keep visiting our informative, award-winning website for the latest innovations from Ramsey.
Three ways to improve bottle conveying
Higher transport speeds, less downtime, decreased maintenance, and reduced breakage are key factors in improving bottle production.
Fifty years ago, when Ramsey Products began supplying chain to glass manufacturers, silent chain was just beginning to be used as a conveyor. At the time, transport speeds were relatively slow, precise bottle placement was less important, and conveyor wear was not a major concern. However, through the years, as production speeds steadily increased, a number of new problems were encountered.


Among the first problems were inconsistent bottle location on the conveyor and reduced chain life. These problems were mostly due to chain pitch variation and chain elongation. As a conveyor chain runs, steel is gradually worn away from the link holes and the chain pins. This wear causes the chain to get longer, an outcome commonly referred to as 'stretch'. As the chain gets longer, its velocity steadily increases. The increased velocity causes bottle spacing to vary, leads to product mishandling and eventually requires the conveyor chain to be replaced.
Ramsey's role in the 
silent chain industry
Through the years, Ramsey has been actively involved in the development of industrial chain standards and in the advancement of the silent chain industry. Through membership and support of organizations like ASME and PTDA, as well as contributions to college engineering programs, Ramsey has made an ongoing commitment to improving the general awareness and utilization of silent chain technology.


Although silent chain has been available for more than 100 years and is widely used in automotive applications around the world, many engineers and distributors are unfamiliar with the many different industrial uses of silent chain. One factor contributing to this lack of familiarity is the lack of training on practical chain applications, specifically silent chain applications, in the curricula of most engineering schools. Engineers graduating today often receive little or no
exposure to the use of chain drives.
Replacing chains from other manufacturers
Ramsey provides chains and sprockets that will replace or interchange with products from most manufacturers.
A successful interchange is easy; the key is correctly identifying the manufacturer and the size of the original drive components and then choosing the appropriate Ramsey chain and sprockets to replace them. 
For routine component replacements, in applications where performance has been satisfactory,



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