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Ramsey Silent Chain Opens the Doors to the Universe.

Febrero 18, 2015
FX Ext Pitch

Ramsey's Newest
Video in our "How To" Series:
Washer Video 2
How to Connect/Disconnect Silent Chain with a Washer Connection.
A frequently asked question for the Ramsey Customer Service team concerns how to perform a field connection of our silent chain.  In order to provide the best instructions, we decided to put together a brief video to illustrate the basics of connecting and disconnecting Ramsey Silent Chain.
Ramsey Silent Chain Opens the Doors to the Universe.
Ramsey Silent Chain Case Study:
Mount Wilson Observatory, located on Mount Wilson in California, is the site of some of the last century's ground-breaking astronomical discoveries. Each year, thousands of people from around the world come to visit the Observatory and to view the stars through the famed Hale telescope and the Hooker telescope. Not long ago, an engineer at the Mount Wilson Observatory contacted Ramsey for assistance in replacing the silent chain drives that open and close the dome shutters on their 100 inch telescope.


Ramsey Products'
Latest Innovation
Extended Pitch Wear Protected Chains
We have our customers to thank for encouraging us to develop Lifeguard™ and Allguard FX Extended Pitch conveying chains. Offering all the advantages of our standard chains, but with fewer moving parts and reduced overall weight, Extended Pitch chains can prolong chain life and promote smooth product transfer. Chains are available in sizes and builds to fit nearly every application.



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